McEwan’s looks at next steps for brand as it hits £1bn revenue


McEwan’s looks at next steps for brand as it hits £1bn revenue

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McEwan’s Marston’s pub and brewery group have recorded revenue of over £1 billion for the first time and the entire group is very pleased with that. In an interview, McEwan mentioned that he had a very strange year with a lot many things happening that was affecting the business in different ways. He also said that his business did benefit from the progress England was making in the World Cup. The revenue of Marstons Pub and Brewery group has increased by 15% giving them huge potential, an attractive client to big city firms including branding agency Manchester services.

The Marstons Pup and Brewery had a record year with 330m pints being delivered all across the UK. Looking at the profit rate and the way the business is flourishing; McEwan is looking forward at taking further steps for the business. He mentioned that he is looking forward to the year 2019 and is planning to open ten new pubs restaurants. He has plans to open five lodges and as he will continue working ahead on building their beer business further.

McEwan also mentioned that the pubs are the UK wide with one pub in Dundee which will be opened in sometime around Christmas. Mr. Findlay said that he did a brand refresh of McEwan’s brand and he said that it was very positive. McEwan’s brewery has been working well not just in the English but also with the Scottish market. His brand is liked and loved by many. He also stated that their objective is to refresh the brand making sure they do not make any changes to what it already has.

His brand is aware of the trend which is attracted towards craft beers and they are planning on doing something with their brand in that field as it has potential. Their aim is to establish McEwan’s brand name in beers which are in tune with the demand of the people and what they wish to drink.

Mr. Findlay also mentioned that the biggest category that they import is wine and they are taking the risk of doing that with South Africa. He believes that their business is doing well in that sector as well. The group is wishing to grab a big win in the year 2019 by getting Christmas out of the way and they hope that the weather doesn’t disrupt their plans like it did this year. He also stated that even with all the hurdles that their business has been facing in the year 2018, it turned out to be going quite well by creating a record of £1 billion for them. The entire group has great plans for the upcoming year and is ready to set their plan in motion as it the year arrives.

McEwan and his group is pretty excited and are pretty pleased with the way 2018 looks to be ending for them with all their bookings being entirely sold. We too believe that 2019 is going to be the year for McEwan’s brand and with the right plans and execution, they are may break their record of 2018 as well!