How VR & 360′ production could change sports


How VR & 360′ production could change sports

Technology will change the world of sport in a whole host of ways. Sport today, we see it evolve continuously to be up to what users claim. In very few years we have seen how the way of seeing sports changes in a resounding way. From normal TV transmissions, we go to HD broadcasts, then 4K. And now we can see transmissions that are seconded by secondary transmissions in other media such as cell phones or laptop where we add data to what we are observing, and today we will see How VR & 360 ‘production could change sports.

For 360 ‘productions, in the case of soccer, for example, it is necessary to have more than one camera, approximately 38 cameras are placed at different heights and with a different focus since it is necessary to capture the plays from all angles. Taking also the plus that they are 4K cameras and in some cases 5K.

This type of technology is currently used by many a virtual reality company in many European soccer fields, but it should be clarified that the system does not work for 90 minutes of the game since the level and amount of data collection of 38 5k cameras is immense. That’s why the operator has an option inside his control panel, which allows him when he wants to capture a 360 ‘image to visualize the last 30 seconds from the moment the button is touched, something like a residual image that allows using this technology.

And if to this technology we add the new VR transmission developments we will be very close to living a game of any sport as one more player in the field of play. There are already companies like Mediaroom that is developing this system in Spain. And there are already cases of successful use in Germany. Then we ask ourselves, with all this technological revolution of transmission, How VR & 360 ‘production could change sports?

An immense range of possibilities on offer from the right virtual reality company opens up before us, not only in terms of the possibility of broadcasting sporting events. But the possibility of taking this to other events, for example, we can be walking with Brad Pitt on the red carpet of the next installment of the Oscars.

And whenever a new business develops and grows, what grows at the same time is marketing and advertising. That is why we must also rethink the way that different companies use advertising nowadays. Instead of advertising a spot-on television or radio, you can make spot directed to the person watching the event, imagine being watching an NBA game with VR technology, and that next to you Michael Jordan will tell you face to face that wants you to buy your shoes, how can one refuse to that?